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Childcare operator fined $20K for underpayment of staff

Melbourne’s Academy for Kids was fined $19,980 for not paying the minimum hourly rate, casual loadings and broken shift allowances. The owner, Ms Vivien Mahomet, was taken to court by the Fair Work Ombudsman after failing to produce workplace pay slips and other related documents.

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Handling conflicts at workplace

Handling conflicts at workplace Put a group of different personalities in the same room for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, add the stress of multiple deadlines, and you’ve got a recipe for conflict. No matter how well intentioned and intellectually compatible the group of people you’ve hired may be, inevitably you’re going […]

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Family day care fees rising

Parents could be forced to pay extra for family day care because the Federal Government is tightening the criteria for providers. Several family day care schemes have already increased their daily admin levies charged per child in care. ¬†For some parents, especially in rural areas, the increase could be up to $140 per month per […]

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