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SkillNet Australia offers nationally accredited training for careers in
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SkillNet COVID Mask

SkillNet’s Business Continuity During COVID-19

We are here to support you.

Our team at SkillNet is here to support you and to ensure that you have everything you need to work on your vocational skills during these stressful times.

We have taken measures to reduce the risks…

  • Measures in place to avoid close contact between people
  • Smaller training groups in class, supplemented with mandatory online learning to ensure a minimum of 4 square meter distance between students
  • Online, live classes via video conferencing (where permitted by regulatory bodies)
  • Visitors and students asked to follow COVID check-in via the QR Code generated by NSW Health
  • Screening of applicants for symptoms through self-declarations
  • Daily hand santisation routines for both staff and students
  • Staff, students and visitors required to wear face masks
  • Daily room sanitisation routines
  • Access to personal protection equipment
  • Limited access to admin office by multiple visitors – limit of 3 visitors at a given time (appointments encouraged)
  • Partial movement to remote work for the safety of our team members (but don’t worry, all of our staff is continuing to work normal business hours and is available for phone/email support)
  • SkillNet COVID Coronavirus
  • SkillNet COVID Coronavirus
  • SkillNet COVID Coronavirus
  • SkillNet COVID Coronavirus
  • SkillNet COVID Coronavirus
  • SkillNet COVID Coronavirus
  • SkillNet COVID Coronavirus
  • SkillNet COVID Coronavirus

Get Fully Qualified

Child Care

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care CHC30113 & CHC30121

DIPLOMA of Early Childhood Education and Care CHC50113 & CHC50121


Certificate III in Business BSB30115


Certificate II in Security Operations CPP20212 (Licence 1AC/E)

Basics of Digital Technology

Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICA10111

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Short Courses

Courses in Security, Child Care, Aged Care, TransportationInfection Control

The current units related to first aid are:
– Provide First Aid HLTAID011 – Valid for 3 years
– Provide First Aid in an education and care setting HLTAID012 – Valid for 3 years
– Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) HLTAID009 – Valid for 1 year

Provide First Aid HLTAID011 is a common unit in qualifications in various service industries, such as Aged Care, Security, Hairdressing, Beauty, Floristry, Fitness, Community Services, and Hospitality. This unit of competency provides the skills and knowledge required to provide first aid response, life support, management of casualty(s), the incident and other first aiders, until the arrival of medical or other assistance. Current industry standard is for this Unit to be updated every 3 years.

Provide First Aid in an education and care setting HLTAID012 meets the training requirements of Children’s Services as it includes asthma and anaphylaxis risk management. Current industry standard is for this Unit to be updated every 3 years.

Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) HLTAID009 meets the training requirements of CPR alone and it must be refreshed every 12 months where required for employment.

Completion of Workbook multiple choice questions is required prior to attending the class.

During the class, there is a demonstration of practical skills using a checklist, written quiz and completion of a casualty report form. The demonstration of skills in CPR procedures requires performance of four minutes of uninterrupted CPR on the floor using a resuscitation manikin, requiring a level of one’s physical ability to meet the evidence requirements for assessment.

HLTINF001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures covers the skills and knowledge required to follow organisational infection prevention and control procedures, including implementing standard and transmission-based precautions and responding to infection risks.

The unit covers the following topics:

1. Follow standard and additional precautions for infection prevention and control
2. Identify infection hazards and assess risks
3. Follow procedures for managing risks associated with specific hazards

Performance Evidence

Participants must show evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the context of the job role.

There must be evidence that participants have:
– followed established organisation infection prevention and control procedures on at least 3 separate occasions
– followed established organisation infection prevention and control procedures at least once for each of the following:
–> hand hygiene and care of hand
–> use of personal protective equipment
–> handling of waste
–> enforcing clean and contaminated zones
–> limitation of contamination
–> surface cleaning

The Unit Provide responsible service of alcohol SITHFAB201 covers the skills and knowledge required to responsibly sell or serve alcohol.

The NSW liquor laws require responsible service of alcohol training for anyone working or volunteering in the liquor industry. These requirements reflect the importance of ensuring licensees and staff understand their obligations in serving liquor responsibly and the types of strategies that can be implemented to add value to a venue’s operations.

At the end of the course, participants are required to successfully complete written and practical assessments.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment in the Unit and the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing photo competency card.

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Employment Service Providers (ESPs)

Mission Australia, JobFind, Salvation Army, CRS, ORS Group, Break Thru, Max Employment, Advanced Personnel Management, Wise, Nova, Job Futures +more

There are several ways ESPs can refer a job seekers to SkillNet for vocational training.

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The SkillNet clients, employers, staff, and affiliate enterprises comprise a professional, interdependent community committed to perfecting competent, responsible professionals to participate in the local and national economies. Through a positive learning experience imitating the vocational industry’s best aspects, the community respects the group’s common mission and each participant comprising it. And the vocational training experience, whether in class or on-the-job, is fostered by SkillNet’s core values – integrity, excellence, respect and the work ethic.


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